Bizzy: a tool for the generation of Business Process driven Web Applications
Based on the fundations of the BPMN to BPEL generation work, a tool for the generation of Web Applications from Business Process definitions have been developed.
The original transformation has been extended in order to complete BPEL definitions to fit a concrete architecture. Following the OOWS engeneering method, a web interface is also generated for the resulting application. Therefor, Business Processes can be modeled using graphical tools and a deployable BPEL description and a Tapestry web application willl be generated automatically communicating to each other by means of Web services. The BPEL engine used for testing was ActiveBPEL.


Some screencasts are available to see Bizzy in action:

BPEL generation : how to obtain a BPEL definition  from Business Process models, and deploy it to ActiveBPEL.

Web Application generation : how to obtain a web application mode and generate the code that conforma the Tapestry web Application used as interface for the Business Process.


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